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He is no more…

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Yesterday, somewhere around 3 pm ,I slept bcoz I was feeling very sick and sleepy ,all credit goes to my zoom classes.As soon as I slept,I no longer felt like sleeping.But since,I had my tuitions afterwards so I decided to sleep no matter what.As I closed my eyes,I again struggled to sleep but finally I don’t know how I went into my dreams.That actually was not a dream,rather it was a nightmare.What I saw shocked me immensly.So the nightmare was abt my dad.Lemme quickly give u flashback of what has actually been going on in my father’s life for past 6 months ,I guess. He has been suffering from severe pain in his legs especially knees.We took him to a renowned doctor and he said that he has lost the grease of his knees.He gave some medications saying that they will make him feel better.Since then, we have been giving the medications to my dad.But not much improvement can actually be seen.And now my father has become much more stubborn and egoistic bcoz of constant pain.He becomes arrogant pretty easily and he even disrespected my mom n no. of times even after knowing the fact that she has been doing so much for him.So I decided to stop talking to him and I said my brother and my mom to leave him alone on his fate.

So now coming back to my dream.Becoz we usually forget our dreams right after we see them.So the same thing happened to me but I still managed to remember the core of it.What I saw in the dream goes like:

I saw my father pretty old lying in his bed and looking at me.He seemed so old to me.And he was crying.I guess in the dream I met him after 10 yrs or so.Bcoz he was looking so old.I hugged him,he started to cry even more.Now even I started to cry.When I hugged him,I could feel his ribcage.He had become very thin.I talked to him over various topics.I even apologized to him for not talking to him and leaving him alone. After hugging him for a couple of minutes I witnessed that he has died.I could not take it anymore so I just got up .My dream ended right there.I was so disturbed after this dream that I began to cry.I just understood that I m nothing without my parents.I cannot even imagine my life without my parents.Its hard to believe the fact that many orphaned kids are also living without their parents.I think I m very grateful to have a life where I have parents taking care of me.

The conclusion that I got from the above instance is that u should never take ur parents for granted.Forgive them even if they commit mistakes. U just never know when ur relationship will be snapped.So if u stay with them,love them and don’t fight.



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Life of every mommy!!!

Somebody has rightly compared mumma to god. God cannot be everywhere that is why he created mumma. Thats so true. Mum is somebody who selflessly takes care of her children. No one has the potential to replace her. She has the biggest heart. She does everything she probably can for her children when they r young but when she needs her children during her old age ,everybody fades away and she is left alone. What kind of humanity is this?? The one who gave u birth, who did everything she could, is usually left alone. Never forget that she was the one who gave u birth, without her u could not have come to see the beautiful earth and now when u have grown a lil younger and educated ,u have started yelling at her bcoz she is losing her memory and she has started forgetting things. Don’t do that man. Thats not fair. She should be respected. Usually when children get success,they consider themselves to be on the top and then they give no respect to their parents. That should not be done. Ur mumma doesn’t need anything from u except for the love,and that too only that much which she showered on u when u were in her lap. Love her bcoz she is greedy for that. She was the one who gave u place in her womb for 9 long months,thats not a short time period .She beared so much pain for u to bring u to the earth. Don’t yell at her. Respect her. She was the one who washed ur poop everytime u ruined the bedsheets, respect her. Don’t ever force her to say that she gave birth to evils.Though she might say it everytime u annoy her but don’t let her cry bcoz of the pain given by u.Usually people do not understand the importance of mommy when she is alive. So if u have a mum ,love her to the fullest bcoz she deserves it.This is my mommy,Isn’t she beautiful.I m not expressive in terms of expressing my love to the people I love but deep down inside ,I love them.She is one of them.I love her so much, but bcoz I cannot express my feelings,she thinks nobody loves her.But today I my gonna speak out aloud ,”I love u maa”.U r the most beautiful angel I have ever met in my life.How can somebody be so selfless.She recently lost her mother nanny and I know how she would be feeling today.This post is just getting so emotional for me to handle,so I m going. bye.I hope u liked the content and if it went straight through the core of ur heart then like the post and share it to all the mothers.💝


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3000 reasons to smile..

Most of u must be wondering after seeing the title ,what does that mean.Lemme tell u what :I just saw I hit 3000 visitors.I m so damn happy that 3k people actually took time and saw my blog.I know its not a lot but I never expected that many people to visit my blog and have a look at my rubbish shit that I wrote in my posts.I can’t thank u guys.This is totally unedited post. I cannot express my love to u all.All the people who followed,though my followers are pretty less in comparision to the time period ,I have been on this platform but Its Ok ,when together we r no less than a family.

U know what when I wrote my first post I was like bro no one is gonna even look at my content.They will not even spit over it.And it even turned out true bcoz the views that I got on my first post were pretty less ,they were like 3 to 4 only.But I continued to write ,though I was very irregular in entertaining my visitors but I finally made it to complete 1 yr. To all the young teens out their,who have a passion to write and express themselves,the pain they r going through,I would recommend every single one of u to start writing from now.Don’t care abt how u gonna get traffic ,just be consistent and thats abt it.No one can stop u from achieving ur goals,u just need to start.

At last ,I m again gonna thank all of u for giving me some space in ur hearts and for reading my bullshit content.

“Every life is a story,thanku for being a part of my story”


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We lost a legend…

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us.Firstly bcoz of covid 19 and secondly bcoz we lost the king of bollywood. It was extremely heartbreaking listening to the news of sudden demise of our very talented actor of bollywood none other than Irrfan Khan.He was actually a true legend.His personality made him exceptionally different from all the other actors of bollywood.Everybody knew that he had cancer and thereafter he would not be able to live a long life.But seeing him die so early made me believe the fact that nobody can procastinate death.I m still in shock and can’t believe my eyes.Like man he was just 53.He has done hella gr8 movies and no one can replace him.I was never his fan but listening to the news of his death made me sad.Even though I never watched his movies but now after his death he occupies a very major part of my heart.He will definitely be missed by his fans. He died in the month of Ramadan ,May he go to heaven directly. Though he is no more with us but he will continue to be their in the hearts of the people bcoz legends never die. His movies were exceptionally well,all credit goes to his acting skills. Though he was not that attractive by looks but with his acting skills he fascinated everybody.May god bless him and his loved ones.May his family muster courage to bear the pain.

We will miss this smile.


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10 songs to listen this quarantine….

Hlo and welcome or welcome back to my blog. Since everybody might be getting bored this time bcoz this corona has stretched a lil too much ,so I thought to share some of my personal favourite songs ,u should definitely listen to pass ur time.Most of them r sad songs .So without any further adue lets just get started.

1) Death bed- powfu

It is one of my personal favourite song.I love this song so much.I want u all to listen to it as well.Its just so good.

2) Moral of the story- Ashe

This song has literally stuck to my mind bcoz of watching too many tiktok videos. Ashe has such a soothing voice n I love her.

3) Skechers -dripreport

This song again has stuck into my mind bcoz of watching too many tiktok videos.This song holds a prominent position in my heart bcoz it has been sung by an Indian. Its a lovely song,do check it out.

4) Believer- Imagine dragons

This song is pretty old but it is such a nice song.Its the perfect song to stay determined and motivated.Check it out if u haven’t till now.

5) Demons- Imagine dragons

This is again a very old song but its so good.I don’t know but I just love it.I don’t have a lot to say abt this song.

6) Savage- Megan thee stalion

If u watch tiktok videos,u will definitely know this song.It was so trendy on tiktok.Its just a very energetic song.

7) Tia tamera- Doja cat and Rico nasty

This is such a moody song.Doja cat is being so energetic in this song.U can dance on every beat of this song.This song is crazy.

8) Lose to love me-Selena Gomez

This is again a sad song.I m sorry bcoz from no where I remembered it and I had to put it after the energetically crazy songs.This is also a lovely song by my lovely selena.

9) Falling- Trevor daniel

This song by trevor is such a touching song.I don’t have a lot to say abt this moving song.

10) Joji- Slow dancing in the dark

It is such a beautiful song by joji.I have been listening to this song for ages.Its just gr8

I hope u will like my personal favourite songs.Don’t forget to share ur favourite songs with me.Bye.ILY.

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My honest opinion on dalgona coffee…

Hey u guys,welcome or welcome back to my blog.So today we r gonna make the much trendy dalgona coffee. I have been seeing this coffee almost everywhere whether it be instagram,tiktok or any other social media platform.I m sorry coz I m very late in reviewing it.From the very beginning of my life ,I have been a lazy person,so how could I have tried it early. Everything that I do,I do it in the end when things get over.So getting back to the point:today we r gonna try dalgona coffee.Actually ,I m not gonna try it now rather I m gonna review it coz I have already tried it.

I was really expecting a lot from the coffee personally but it didn’t live upto my expectations.For the people who have a whipping machine,u can definitely try it out.But for the other people, it is not at all worth it rather it is very tiring and it tastes absolutely same to the normal cold coffee that we make at home so why to put so much efforts if u can make the same coffee with the least efforts.Its just the frosty top which attracts us otherwise there is not much difference in the casual coffee and dalgona coffee.It takes a lot of efforts to blend it and to reach to the frosty stage.For the people who r very impatient they should never ever give it a try bcoz its so time consuming .In utube videos they show that whipping process gets completed within seconds but in reality only people who try it know how much effort does it actually take to make it.And more than that u get the same output.The coffee tastes literally the same.I m not joking here.I m just telling the truth.It tastes absolutely same.When I saw the video,I was like this looks tasty,I need to try it.But when I made it I was like why did I even make it.My experience with the coffee actually didn’t go well.I m not sure if its just me who found it completely similar to the normal coffee or their are some other people as well.

Don’t forget to share ur experiences with me.Bye(btw the pic that I showed u in the beginning was not what I made,I had literally created a mess in my kitchen so their was no way I clicked that pic)

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9 ways to nail summers like never before without revealing….

Hola amigo.How r u all?I m hoping that u all are doing absolutely well in the wake of corona.As summers have already approached in almost all the parts of world ,so today I m gonna give u some summer friendly outfit ideas which u can use to enhance ur styling skills n the main point is without revealing a lot of ur body.So let’s just straight away get into the post.

1) For the first outfit,I have kept it pretty simple.U can find some really pretty floral dresses everywhere n they r comfortable as well.They even look so good.Dresses r something everyone should have in their wardrobes.They also give beachy vibes.So yay.

2) Jeans r so common during summers.Almost everybody owns a pair of jeans with them. But there are a lot of people who don’t know the different types of jeans and therefore they end up having same type of multiple jeans.So I would recommend everybody to go for mom jeans becoz its very loose and comfortable at the same time.For the people who have never tried it, u should definitely give it a try.

3) Pants look so formal and they look so good.Khaki colour pants look absolutely gorgeous when paired with the complimenting top.U can try some pants out.They dunno reveal anything and the way they look is next level.

4) Sweat pants look so damn good and r a gr8 choice for summers as well.They r so casual.When paired with a nice top,it can make u look really simple and easy going. They r summer friendly as well.And u know what,boys love sweat pants.

5) Pleated trousers are in trend right now.They can be paired with any top that u have.They r budget friendly as well. And the most important thing is that they r very loose,thereby allowing air to pass through them,that actually makes u not feel suffocated.

6) Striped pants are also very common now a days. Some of u would be like,we can never look like these models no matter what we do.My answer to all those people would be that u can absolutely look good if u follow the trends.But despite nice clothes,u should know how to carry ur clothes.U should have some pose ideas in mind before getting ur photos clicked.U should know how to play with ur hair or ur accessories and than u can also look dead gorgeous. Believe me.

7) Denim jackets are never gonna fade away from being trendy.They can be literally worn with every piece of tee that u have.It look so put together with least efforts.Every teenager should have denim jackets in their wardrobe.

8) If u don’t have a denim jacket,no worries.U can instead go for oversized striped shirts.U can even borrow it from ur partner.They also look really classy.U can even use belt to style it to add more drama to ur look.

9) Now for the last outfit,I have kept it pretty easy going.It probably looks like what most of us would wear to college.Its so simple.With some accessories and easy breezy hairstyles,u can enlighten the look up.

So,I hope I could help u a lil bit in giving some ideas to look good .If u enjoyed it,do like it and share as well.


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Think before u speak…

Hey buddies,I hope u r keeping urself protected from corona virus.It’s been quite some time since ,I last posted any blog. So here I m with a brand new post.Today we r gonna talk abt words.How they can break u, heal ur soul or completely destroy u. In this today’s scenario,we get frustrated very easily either when we have a fight with our parents or with our friends or even when we r living in a toxic relationship.But its very imp to have control on ur tongue becoz if it’s not under control,it can literally destroy the other person.Like last week only,I met with an incident which taught me the importance of words. I was just talking to my mom and suddenly,I had a quarrel with my father on some bullshit subject. He began to yell at me so bad.And afterwards he went on to my mom and began to shout at her.She protested,but my father then began to say bullshit things abt my maternal family.Like what the hell was that,I just cannot tell.Then we even asked him to stop bcoz his behaviour was getting out of control.He again shouted.We didn’t talk to him that whole night.And on the very next day,he bagan to talk to us so softly as if nothing happened the previous day.I continued to not talk to him. By noon he asked my brother to transfer 10K from my mother’s a/c to his a/c.He was so ashamed that he didn’t have courage to say that thing to my mother directly.Let me just give u a flashback abt what he is like in reality.My father is a gov. employee and he is earning a pretty good salary.But most of the time we find he broke bcoz of the investments made by him in the wrong areas.So my brother told abt money my father wanted.And my mother became so emotional forgetting behind all the things he had said the previous day.I think I make some sense.So what I was telling was it was my mother and u all might know that mums r so emotional.But if it were some body else ,he would have definitely not given the money. So it’s better to have control over ur tongue bcoz u never know when u need them in future. It was a very random post which I made just to tell u abt how ur words can destroy somebody else completely.So always think before u speak otherwise one day karma would do it’s work and u know what will happen then.

I hope u will atleast talk to ur frnds or family members decently.Bye

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Dumb chit-chat…

Hey everybody,welcome back. All of u might be enjoying ur holidays at home. It has now bcome kinda boring.But we have no other choice as well. This is gonna be just a random blog bcoz I m running short of content.I do not have anything to post right now. I had just wasted most of my days sleeping and using my phone and doing nothing.But for like last 2 days,I have started to learn abt stock market. It is very interesting concept.If u r someone who loves business and related concepts ,u should definitely go in this field. I don’t know why people r bored in their houses,but I m loving these holidays so much. There is so much to do for me.But I m doing nothing.I don’t know why am i even sharing this dumb shit to u all ,who r not even related to me. But its ok.So since I don’t have anything to do,I was watching some tiktok videos.I want u as well to watch them. They r funny,hope u also like them.

I hope u enjoyed the tiktoks. I literally have nothing to share. What should I do. I want u guys to tell me. I even tried some hairstyles. Listen,I got a haircut.So my hair is really short now.So I tried one hairstyle which is:

I really liked the outcome. This was pretty easy and it was looking so cute. If u would like to see some hairstyle tutorials,I can make them for u.Do let me know if u want some. I love doing hairstyle tutorials.I have the most frizziest hairs from all the girls I know. I don’t know why am I even sharing this information.I even came across some relatable memes.Let me show u:

Now I don’t have anything to show ,so I m going. Bye..

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15 ways to use ur time in the best possible way….

Hey u guys, welcome back to the blog. As u already know that coronavirus has led to lockdown in many places and everyone is forced to spend the whole fucking day in their houses. It is human tendency to get bored when we have nothing ,so I thought to provide u with some ways in which u can spend ur time enjoying ur day without feeling bored.

Let’s just begin:

1) Click ur photographs.

The 1st way to spend ur day is to click ur pictures .As u have the whole day in hand ,u can actually dress up and click ur pictures for instagram and u can even edit them in ur free time. That way u will not have to worry abt pictures to post on insta.

2) Dance as much as u can.

The very next way to spend ur day is to dance.U end up burning a lot of calories while dancing without knowing. And it is such a fun activity as well. If u feel shy doing it among ur siblings,u can actually get urself into a lonely room and have fun. Its actually so much fun. Try it once and u will love it.

3) Learn some makeup.

If u r a girl and u wanna spend ur day,u can actually try some new makeup out. U can even try some hairstyles.There r a bunch of hairstyle tutorials on youtube. Try and experiment with new things,u never know what comes out to be ur passion.

4) Learn a different language.

U can definitely learn a new language in ur free time. It would be very helpful to u in the future and among ur frnds u can even flaunt ur extra knowledge.

5) Go watch some TV shows.

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U can always spend ur days watching some of ur favourite movies or tv shows and if u do not have anything ,u can watch some utube videos. That is a very common way to spend ur time.

6)Facetime ur frnds.

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Since in this corona season ,u cannot go to ur frnd’s house for sure,instead what u can do is facetime ur frnds.That way u can enjoy talking to ur frnds for hrs.

7)Deep Clean ur closet.

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If u r free at home,u can even clean ur closet and get rid of all the unneccesary stuff that u have. U can arrange ur clothes in an organized format.

Note: This method is not applicable on boys as they donot have a lot of clothes to get rid of.

8) Make tiktok videos.

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Tiktok is finally here.Who does not like watching tiktok videos. I mean it is everyone’s guilty pleasure. So what u can do is :u can try making tiktok videos and upload them on the app.It hardly takes time to make tiktok videos. So try and experiment it out. Who knows if ur content turns out to be great ,u can even earn money.

9) Exercise daily.

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For the people who do not get time to exercise,now they have plenty of time to exercise.Those who have weak eyesight can do some easy eye exercises. This will prove to be useful to them. If u hate exercising ,u can always go for alternatives like dancing,zoomba etc.

10) Try new hacks.

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U can even try some new hacks that could help make ur life a lil easier than before. There r plenty of hacks by 5 min crafts and even on tiktok.Try them out and u can even share ur experiences on youtube. These hack related videos r going crazily viral on youtube.

11) Read books.

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Now I know reading a book does not excite many people.But if u inculcate this habit ,this is eventually gonna help u make a grip over the eng language. And if u still don’t life reading ,u can go for some audio books.They r in trend right now. So try them out as well.

12) Listen to music.

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Whenever u r free and don’t wanna use ur mobile ,then u can go for music.It makes u feel so calm and happy at the same time. So why not listen to it.Discover to some new music. Some of my personal favourite songs r :cradles ,falling, skechers . And if u don’t like songs ,then go for podcasts. They r also pretty amazing.


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Now this is probably the most common way to spend ur time and not getting bored. Isn’t it.Whenever u feel like getting bored sleep sleep sleep.Now some of u would be like, since we have a lot of time ,we don’t feel sleepy.Then listen to soothning voices,they will make u sleep.

14) Play games.

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U can also play some games to spend ur time.Chess is the one game which I would be suggesting everbody bcoz its a mind game and it enhances ur capability to interpret ur partner’s mind.

15)Help ur parents.

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Now last but not the least method to spend ur time is to help ur parents.Like they used to help u in ur homework when u were a kid ,now its ur time to return them.Help them in the daily chores of the house as much as possible bcoz they r getting old now and they need somebody to support them and be with them.

I hope u enjoyed the blog and if u did then don’t forget to like it.


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Indians and corona….

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Hey everybody,I hope u r doing gr8 even in the wake of corona virus. Since coronavirus is so widely spread across the nations, India has also become its prey.But u know what, Indians r not at all worried and bothered abt it.Rather they r making tiktok videos on how Indians r not afraid of corona. I mean wtf, that sounds kinda stupid.Even after knowing that they do not have great medical assistance and supplies but then also they r wondering in public places. Like whats wrong with my country. Why do they think that they r very intelligent when they r not.Especially the people of delhi consider themselves extra smart. I live in delhi itself and i m shocked to see the nature of people towards the virus.I even asked one of my uncle: what would he be doing when corona gets into his body and he was like: no it is not happening.Like what do Indians think they r so smart that they r gonna fight back the disease. I just don’t understand this mentality. Some of u would be like u r being rude to ur country but I don’t have any option instead. Even after knowing the fact that the virus is leading to deaths ,Indians r enjoying their lives. Atleast they should take some precautions ,but they r not taking care of anything.Today itself my cousin and his family went to their cousins house even after knowing that the virus can be transmuted very easily. I just don’t understand what’s happening but I can just pray for the best.May god bless everybody and keep everyone healthy and safe.

My prayers r with the people of Italy❤️

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The truth abt blogging.. Is it really that easy?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog.So today we r gonna talk abt blogging and I will be answering to many of ur questions,so if u r interested in knowing more abt it, stay tuned then.

1) Firstly it is assumed by most of the people that u can earn very easily with blogging just by writing blogs. Even I thought the same thing and I also came in this field but the reality is: yes u can make a lot of money out of it but it takes hell lot of time to start earning. U have to be very consistent in the beginning to gain followers, and if u r consistent yes u can definitely make a living out of it. I would not recommend it to students bcoz it is practically impossible to manage the studies and blogs.

2) Second problem with blogging is that it takes a lot of time i.e. u have to be very patient if u want to earn through blogging.

3) There r many sites for blogging but most of the people recommend only wordpress ,I don’t know why. Perhaps bcoz of easily availabe themes and other tools. But when u get into blogging via wordpress u have to pay wordpress some amt i.e. u have to have a plan either business plan or some other premium plan. This means u will have to pay some amt to wordpress on anual basis. Other wise u can always work with free plan but it is very difficult or perhaps impossible to paste adsense code to ur free plan.And if u don’t paste the code,u will not start earning money.

4) Next problem is many people think that working with wordpress is easy but its not. I m telling u my personal experience: wordpress has a lot of techinal terms which u must be aware of before beginning with blogging.

5) Next problem with blogging is that u should be on social media platforms to share ur blogs. Becoz otherwise their is so much competition and it would be impossible to get traffic.

6) Many people see videos on youtube. Youtubers only tell u the advantages of blogging. But they would never tell u the problems with which u will have to go through. So firstly read a lot of articles to understand what blogging actually is then began with ur own blog.

7) If u r beginning with blogging, U will have to have a laptop or PC as well. Otherwise u will not be able to paste ur ads to it.

I m not demotivating all the prospective bloggers. Its just that I am telling u in advance abt all the problems which u might face as a blogger. Start learning from today. I hope all ur assumptions related to blogging r over now. If u still have any questions,write them in the comment section below

Blogging is tough but not impossible and I know u have that potential to do it.